My Top 5 – Fashion Blogs Edition

If you’re like me you are constantly searching the web for fashion inspiration. I love seeing how people dress, learning how they shop and finding inspiration for my own personal style. Personally I don’t have a particular style. I dress what a feel and if I like it I wear it. I have listed my top 5 favorite fashion blogs (for now) because as you know women are ever changing women and if you have some great blogs that you read for inspiration list them in the comments below because I would love to check them out.


  1. Fashion Bomb Daily  – Claire Sulmers

Instagram: @fashionbombdaily


Now this is one fashion blog that I believe that every fashionista knows about and if you don’t …. Well YOU’RE WELCOME! I believe that I visit this page on the daily to see the latest fashions that the A-listers are wearing and the celebrities who got it wrong (in her opinion). I love this blog because Claire showcases so many styles on so many body types and it’s a great source for multicultural fashion. My favorite posts are definitely the ones where she reviews the latest fashion show she has a attended. All I can say is that she has my dream job.

  1. Hello FashionChristine Andrew

Instagram: @hellofashionblog

Christine’s blog Hello Fashion is another blog that a visit constantly. She has such chic style that is always perfectly put together. The great thing about her blog is not just awesomeness of her style but she has a section where she blogs about her husband’s style so you can get some inspiration when it comes to dressing your significant other OR if your significant other loves clothes and style as much as you do. And let’s not forget the view we get into her life as a mama and the pictures of her stylish little boy. This blog is the style jackpot for the whole family.

  1. Style PantryFolake Hunton

Instagram: @stylepantry

Style Pantry is such a great blog site and not only does Folake post about fashion but she gives you post on her own personal style, beauty, lifestyle, art and design, music and gear. Her awesome blog also has a men section for you beauties and your beaus. I love this page simply because her personal style is so “clean” yet so adventurous. Her bold style makes you feel like being more daring and the looks do not look overwhelming.

  1. Looking Fly on a DimePatrice J. Williams

Instagram: @lookingflyonadime

Looking Fly on a Dime is a lifesaving blog site. Patrice gives tips and trick to dressing fashionably and looking like you just stepped off the runaway while spending a minimal amount of money. She has an awesome yearly challenge that I decided to try this year where you do not buy ANYTHING NEW but thrift on a budget for 365 days. If you want to try out this challenge or learn more about it check out the hashtag #thriftythread365 on Instagram.

  1. The Budget Fashionista – Kathryn Finney

Instagram: @budget.fashionista

Kathryn really goes the extra mile with The Budget Fashionista for the simple fact that she has a section on her blog that has every fashionistas favorite thing —- SALES! She also has a great “LEARN HOW TO SHOP” section that give tips and tricks for buying things online, from different designers, on sale, and for your home.


And here are some honorable mentions … (I should have just done a top 10 list J )


  1. Thrifts And Threads – Brittany Xavier  Instagram: @thriftsandthreads
  2. Brooklyn Blonde – Helena Glozer Hodne  Instagram: @brooklynblonde1
  3. Song of Style – Aimee Song Instagram: @songofstyle


Please check out these sites/blogs/Instagram Pages and tell me how you feel about them. Do you know of any other great ones that other fashionistas may like? List them BELOW in the COMMENT SECTION.

Until next time Beauties!

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