Struggling Through The Job Hunt? How To Stay Positive Through It All…

Job hunting can be one of the most stressful things in the world, especially when you are a new graduate looking for a career that you spend thousands of dollars and years of studying on. This is my current situation — In December 2016 I FINALLY obtained my BA in Organizational Leadership. Now I won’t go into depth about what that pertains to but feel free to Google it J … Basically I want a job in Human Resources. Now I don’t know if you all know this but for some reason Donald Trump can become POTUS with absolutely no experience but for an entry level position in Human Resources you need a year or more of experience. Like REALLY! The last four years I spent in college isn’t experience?! While working full time!!?? AND being a MOM! I’m basically a superhero I can do ANYTHING! … But unfortunately employers don’t see it that way and that’s okay … so what do I do? Apply anyway!

I am completely aware of the rate of unemployment right now so it’s understandable that finding a new job is a little tough but the issue is when you have applied to 50 jobs, went to 20 interviews and all you get in return in ignored resume submittals and rejection emails after what you felt like was a great interview. So how do you keep that positive spirit up instead of deciding to quit … and contemplating becoming a stripper (but the muffin top won’t let you be GREAT and your rhythm is constantly off)? PERSERVERANCE! Below are my top tips of staying positive and motivated through the torture (or enlightening journey?) that is job/career hunting.

  1. Remind Yourself Of Your Accomplishments

Getting turned town for a job position does not mean that you are inadequate in anyway. Employers have so many different ways that they pick the “right” person for the position so the only thing you can really do when you go on a interview is 1) be your PROFESSIONAL self and 2) highlight all the great things you can contribute to the organization.


  1. Stay Consistent

I try to make sure that I submit my resume to anywhere between 10-20 employers a day. You know how you buy a whole bunch of raffle tickets to win a prize? Well this is the basically the same way of thinking. The more you submit the better your chances are to getting an interview and winning over a perspective employer with your awesome skills and great personality.


  1. Network

Most people do not understand just how important networking is. We live in a social media age so use you Facebook (if it is professional) to update your status with: “Looking to start/continue my career in {insert industry here}. Recent grad, Experiences Secretary, Well Educated Therapist etc. …” You never know who is looking, who is a hiring manager, or who is someone who knows someone is hiring. Make sure that you utilize your LinkedIn too. LinkedIn allows you to apply to hiring managers right from their site so the employer will be able to gain access to LinkedIn page which is basically a in-depth online resume so make sure that is updated and highlights your best skills as well.


  1. Follow Up

I think that one thing that a lot of people forget to do is follow up with the places that they submit their resume to or organizations that they interviewed with. I have made it a habit to keep track of the places that I submit my resume to so I can follow up if they do not have an automated system that lets you know when a position has been filled. A quick call/email to the hiring manager asking if they got a chance to review you application/resume is never a bad thing. Another tip is sending a thank you email after an interview. This shows that 1) you have GREAT manners and 2) you are truly interested in the job and you appreciate them for taking time out to interview.

Now that last one follow up just may be the hardest and that is the “Thank you for letting me know I am not hired” email. Some hiring managers send out emails from their personal work emails letting interviewees know that they weren’t picked for the position. Most people let that be the last email and move on but a tip that I learned that is even better is to respond with a email letting the employer know that while you are disappointed that you weren’t picked for the position you hope that they keep your resume on file in case a position opens that you would be perfect for. This shows graciousness and resilience. Something that I am sure employers would appreciate.


So these are the tips and tricks that I am using to get me through the job hunt and they have been working pretty well as I am getting better at networking and meeting people that could possibly be beneficial to me in the future. What are some of your job hunting and interviewing tips? What do you do when you feel like it is just not working for you? What do you do to stay motivated? Share in the comments below I am sure there are many who would like to know. Until next time Beauties ….

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