4 Super Tips for Super Busy Moms


In case your mother never told you, being a mama is HARD. Yeah moms make it looks easy … you know making sure the little buggers are fed, clean, not eating chewing gum that has been stuck under a chair for years … the normal stuff… But being a mom is hard. Like really hard. It’s a 24/7 job that you get no breaks from, no pay, mandatory overtime and your little bosses are basically the worst of the worst but they refuse to fire you and you can’t quit. Why? Because you just LOOOVVVEEE your bosses and they love you, and depend on you for survival.

But one of the most important things that I have LEARNED and I am basically still learning is that being a mom is being the ultimate multitasker and planning is essential. Especially if you are one of those moms who have a second job (you know… one where you actually get paid even though the little bosses take all of your money). So I have listed the 4 tips that I live by that has kept me alive for the past 9 years and hopefully some of them will work for you too.

  1. SELF Care Is The BEST Careindex

I know some of you are thinking … “SELF CARE? Who has time for that? I thought this post was about tips for a BUSY mom?” Well honey this is the absolutely most important tip which is why I put it first. Taking care of yourself is more important than anything because if you aren’t happy, healthy and taken care of neither are your little people. I mean really… how good of a mom can you really be if you are stressed, depressed and exhausted? Exactly not a really good one. And I get it…. It’s hard enough to even go to use the restroom so where are you supposed to find time to take care of yourself? … It doesn’t matter just find it. So firstly, for some reason I refuse to miss any of my children doctor’s appointments but for an awhile I realized that I was constantly rescheduling mines. I didn’t feel the effects until way later when it was a struggle to get out of bed. This is a big no-no. Your health is too important so please always make sure that you always take care of your health, both physical and psychological. Talk to someone… Take a sick day/half day/hour… skip your Starbucks for a few weeks and pay for a babysitter. Whatever you have to do. You have to keep that forever running body of yours in tip top shape and with that I lead into my next tip …

  1. Work It OUTmomwo.png

So I know you probably looked at this and said “yea right” with a perfectly executed eye roll. I’m serious though, exercise is so important and not just so you can look good (even though that is a plus) but it is medically proven that getting 15-30 minutes of exercise a day can significantly boost your energy, mood and sleep and those are things that busy moms always need at 100%. Try HIIT training, which are quick and intense workouts that you can get in a short amount of time, or even easier while dinner is cooking turn up the radio and play some kid friendly pop songs and dance until you feel like dropping…. The kids will join in and hopefully it will kill some of that excess energy they may have left and make bedtime so much easier. SCORE!!!!

  1. Plan, Plan, PLANplan

Now planning in itself can be difficult. I mean where do you find the TIME to plan? I carry a notebook with a to do list and jot down things as they come to mind but your memo pad/calendar in your phone or a free app such as Planning Pro or Errands To-Do can make things so much easier. I try to plan everything form meals/snacks for the week to what everyone is wearing for the next week. Do you know how aggravating it is when a 4 year old goes into their perfectly organized dresser and pulls out an outfit that has her looking like a circus performer? Oh is that just my kid? I mean zebra tights, mismatched socks and your Elsa costume from last year AND you want to wear snow boots in 80 degree weather? I think NOT! On Sundays I usually set out the kids clothes for the entire week in a 5 drawer closet maid plastic storage unit. An entire outfit that they can grab and put on without any help from mom? WINNING. Now you can actually do your hair before you leave the house or (GASP!) put on some makeup. I used to plan my wardrobe but since I purged and reorganized and created a capsule wardrobe (blog post coming soon J) I haven’t had to because it is so easy picking out an outfit everyday especially when I’m not allowed to wear my go to outfit of sweats and a t-shirt.

  1. Sanity in Schedulesschedule

This tip kind of blends in with planning …. But scheduling is on another level. I schedule everything from cleaning the house, to doing laundry and best of all I make schedules for the kiddies to follow so I don’t have to yell for them to brush their teeth or take a bath. A quick poster with pictures on the little ones wall or listed in you teens bedroom will help simplify things for both you and them. You aren’t yelling because your frustrated because its 2 minutes before bed and they have brushed their teeth … Schedule what they are supposed to be doing while you are getting dinner ready and doing whatever else super moms do. This way it takes a bit of the pressure off of you and teaches the little ones independence and responsibility.

But the most important tip that never feels like it is doable is making time for you! sc

So those are my 4 greatest tips that I have that makes life just a teeny tiny bit less crazy. What are your to live by tips of being a busy mom (other than keeping a bottle of your favorite wine on hand … like we ALL know that one LOL!)? Share your tips in the comment section below and help a Mama Beautie keep it in balance.

Until next time Beauties

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