7 Cheap Products For The Perfect No Makeup Look

YouTube is the Devil. Well not really. But we all go on YouTube to learn things, try it at home and end up looking like a psychopath. That is what happens to me every time I watch a makeup tutorial for “beginners” for makeup application. Mind you that I said BEGINNERS. These tutorials usually have 300 steps and makes the YouTuber look like a totally different person (in a good way) while I end up looking like a totally different person too (in a bad way – like a clown way).

So first of all you have to figure out exactly what look you are going for. You have to keep in mind that a lot of these YouTubers make videos for a more glamorous photoshoot ready look. That has never nor I don’t believe ever will be the look I am going for. I just want to look a little more glammed up and not so “regular”. So below I have listed my go to kit to get the perfect no makeup look that won’t break your pockets or make you feel like you are being preparing for a test that you are about to get a F in.

So I only use 7 products to get a nice natural yet pretty no makeup look – with a couple of optional products.

  1. BB Cream (the best stuff ever invented)
  2. Foundation (optional)
  3. Concealer (optional)
  4. Eyeliner
  5. Mascara
  6. Lipgloss/Lipstick
  7. Eyebrow pencil (optional)

Now doesn’t that list look nice?! Only 7 products not the 20 that are usually listed right? So let’s get into why this are my go to products.


BB Cream

BB Cream is simply amazing. It is basically moisturizer, primer and foundation all rolled in one. Plus you can’t screw it up because if you can put on face lotion you can put this stuff on. Many people refer to it as a tinted moisturizer. I usually apply it with a knockoff Beauty Blender (yes knockoff because I am not spending $20 for one of those until I learn how to legit put on makeup). This gives you a flawless even finish and blends everything in perfectly. Almost all the drugstore brands carry BB Creams if you are looking to save money so and there are definitely high end ones as well. Currently I am using a mix between Cover Girl’s Clean Matte BB Cream and Black Radiance True Complexion BB Cream. I feel the mix of these two gives me that perfect matte finish which I love. They also have BB Creams for those who want to glow … so if you like that dewy look try one of those. The drugstore BB Cream usually range between $5-$10 so you won’t feel bad if you get one that you totally hate.



So I placed foundation as the optional product for the simple fact if you already have great skin you really don’t need to use it. Some women who may have acne scars or hyperpigmentation may feel better using this as additional coverage. I have worn foundation just a few times and this was usually for a night out on the town. I can’t give too much advice on this but based on my YouTube “viewage” (not a word I know) there are so many different types you may want to do a little more research.



So the way I feel about concealer is the way I feel about foundation. Use it if needed. We are not highlighting and contouring so if you don’t have any super dark marks or blemishes you may be good to skip this product.



Now who doesn’t love eyeliner? This is one of the first makeup products that I have learned to use and I can honestly say I have gotten pretty good at a winged look. It only takes me 2-3 tries instead of … let’s say 10! Lol.  Eyeliner is fun, brings attention to your eyes and can do remarkable things like widen your eye or give you a sultry look. It may take a couple tries to get this right as you might poke yourself in the eye, watery eyes just screwing things up or that line just not getting close enough. Practice makes perfect though so give it a try.



Oh LaLa! Mascara can make such a different in your look. Who knew that eyelashes were so important? I forget all about mines until one gets inside my eye. Mascara is another product where the options are endless depending on the look that you are going for. Do you want them long? Full? Long and Full? The Spider Look? Wispy? Mascara can be another one of those steps that it takes you awhile to get right. This is another step that can poke you in your eye or the worst thing is getting the product on you eyelid, but once you perfect it, it looks amazing!



Now I know most of you are professional chapstick and lip-gloss wearers so I don’t have to go into detail about that because we all know how important it is to have your “Lip Gloss Poppin” I have been wearing lip-gloss since middle school. I used to buy the Smackers or the super shiny ones from the corner store that made me look like I just ate a bunch of greasy fried chicken. I looked fly and smelled like watermelon – you couldn’t tell me anything. Now since 2016 I have officially graduated to lipstick after constant nagging from my makeup expert little sister. Currently I am a matte lipstick lover and especially the ones from NYX. They have beautiful colors that can go with any skin tone and they all are no more that $6-$7 … how can you beat that. For a natural look grab a nude color that matches your skin tone… to vamp it up a dark red or to keep it girly a pretty pink that complements you.



Eyebrow Products

Now this is another optional product for the simple fact that if you already have full beautiful eyebrows (side eye and face green with envy) there is really no reason you need to do this step unless you want a little extra something. Eyebrow products are great to fill in sparse brows that are naturally like that or when the wax lady didn’t understand that you just wanted to “clean them up”. This will definitely take some practice as you can come out with some lopsided eyebrows but done right it will really pull together your whole face.



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