My Top Four: YouTube Beauty Vloggers

Thank God for YouTube. No I’m serious. There are so many things that I have learned just by watching YouTube videos. I mean I haven’t exactly excelled at the things that I learned but I love watching and trying new things and always get inspired with my own ideas. Check out my current top four YouTube Beauty Vloggers below.



ItsMyRayeRaye is definitely one of my favorite beauty vloggers on YouTube. This 26 year-old Boston native is funny and informative and she has a knack for using products that wont break your pockets like ELF, ColourPop (who she collaborated with on lippies that I am hoping they bring back out) and NYX as well as brands that you can find in your local drug store. Her videos are never boring to watch as she is constantly cracking jokes or making fun of herself or even allowing her husband to join her — and just watching them together is so cute. She also makes it very clear that she is self-taught, that this is just HER way of doing things and that you should experiment to make things work for you. With over 1.5 million followers why wouldn’t she be a fav? Some of her most inspirational videos are those that have to do with her skincare routine as she has had problems with acne. She shares her tips and tricks on what she does to heal her skin from both the outside and inside. My absolutely favorite thing about her is her love for thrifting and with her great sense on style everything she wears is to die for. Another great thing? She is ALWAYS DOING GIVAWAYS. LIKE ALL THE TIME! With over 150 videos I am sure that you will find something that interests you and maybe teaches you something new. Check her out and subscribe.

Bri Hall

bri hall

Now Bri Hall is my baby :). I literally have a #girlcrush on her. She is another vlogger that has such a great sense of humor and isn’t a bore to watch. Whether its her great hair tutorials for you natural curly beauties out there or her motivational videos on self-care and being yourself she does it in a way that feels like she is talking directly to you. She also has great videos on her clothes and shopping hauls as well as her music playlist if you love music. My new favorite part of her YouTube page is her drawing videos. She is actually a extremely talented artist and has some remarkable videos that shows her process as she draws different pieces. I would say check her out if you are like me and like to watch/learn a little bit of everything.



I actually came across Ellarie while looking for YouTube tutorials for my daughter. I am not the best at natural hair care and I really got into in after I had my daughter. I knew for a fact that I wanted to learn how to properly care for her hair and Ellarie was able to show me just that. Other than being remarkable when it comes to makeup tutorials she also does these awesome videos demonstrating the hair care routine that she uses for her 5 year old daughter Yoshi (who is absolutely adorable). This was definitely a Godsend as I was completely lost when it came to my daughter’s hair. While is page is mostly beauty she does have  few hair tutorials and shopping hauls. My favorite thing about her is that I am able to use the products that she uses as she is a beautiful brown beauty.

Jasmine Brown

jasmine brown

Jasmine Brown – Model and YouTube star otherwise known as JasMeannnn  is definitely someone that I just came across recently and fell completely in love with. She is so goofy and funny she makes you want to be her best friend. Her tutorials on her big beautiful natural curls are great and easy to follow along with. While she does have many makeup and hair tutorials on her YouTube page she also has a lot of “just for fun” videos that either feature her boyfriend or her brother which are usually super hilarious. Her clothing hauls are usually to die for and she always gives a discount code. I actually found her after I feel down a random YouTube Hole (you know when you start watching one video and then next thing you know it’s three hours later…? Oh that’s just ME?!) of people doing apartment/house/room tours as I was looking for home décor inspiration for my house. Check her out and subscribe you wont be sorry.

YouTube is one of my favorite social media platforms and I love subscribing to new people and watching tutorials on things that I might want to try and things that I just might never try. I always gain inspiration just from watching videos. So who are your favorite YouTube Vloggers? Comment below and let me know.

Until next time Beauties ….

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