Launched in 2017 as a place for young women who are looking for ways to balance everything that comes with being a woman such as career and motivational goals, relationships, motherhood, self-care, and hair and makeup, this site is quickly becoming that place to learn just enough to stay BALANCED. Need a place to get fashion inspiration? Business advice? An encouraging community of supportive women? Or if you love learning a little bit about a lot, welcome home

As a teen I always wished there was some kind of resource that compiled everything that is “girl” or “woman”. The regular magazines such a Teen and Seventeen just didn’t do it for me or didn’t have the content I needed. As a young woman I was just as lost and spent hours Googling information about random things such as how to apply makeup, how to stay motivated, and even how to study. Honestly I’m still a little lost but what better way to find yourself than sharing the knowledge that you do have why discovering new things with women across the world?

You have what it takes to be a VICTORIOUS, INDEPENDENT, FEARLESS WOMAN 

-Tyra Banks

I am a Philadelphia native, mother of two and recent grad that just really enjoys learning new things, teaching exciting things and watching women win #girlpower.


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